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Ok, noticed we had a lice problem. Went to the Dr. and they said rid or nix over the counter. Treat hair and wash everthing in hot water and use the dryer cycle twice, cover furniture with sheets, vaccume and then do again in seven days. So the first treatment with Nix seemed to stun the things and I picked the bugs and eggs out(box states 'with a single application, kills lice and their eggs'). We washed our hair everyday with shampoo and then as the Dr. said retreated our hair again. This time they wern't stunned, they were alive and on the run as I picked them out. Two days after the second treatment my kid was itching like crazy so I checked and it seems like there were even more than before, mind you we have been staying home to avoiding spreading these things. So I went back to the Dr. who proceded to tell me to treat our hair with the same stuff every day for a week. My jaw hit the floor, I was so stunned that they wanted me to continue to treat this now daily with a treatment that cost over $50 to treat our hair twice and it DID NOT work. So, I started to research all the different things we could try and went to the store with a list. Came home with Kids Sauve Smoothers Orange Mango shampoo, Vineger, Cocconut conditioner, Listren, Denorex Extra Strength, and a Metal lice double sided comb. Tried the kids suave and was still picking out live bugs, so put the kid back in the tub and figured I would try the Denorex before trying the several hour Listren/Vinegar/Cocconut treatment. It was late when I got her out of the tub, she was crank and to tell you the truth I didn't want to upset her any more by trying to keep her awake and make her sit still while I once again slowly went through her hair. So, we went to bed. Next morning started looking through her hair and to my supprise didn't find one live bug, so I picked out every egg I could see and we have our fingers crossed that the Denorex is going to take care of this. I plan on washing our hair every day for the next two weeks with this stuff. If it doesn't we will try the Listren next. I just have to say that the $7 comb did not comb out any of the small bugs that we had the most of. I found that seperating small amounts of hair with a little pointed chopstick worked pretty good to search through the hair.

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What type of denorex did you use. Extra strength with the salicylic acid or the medicated one with the coal tar?

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