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So I read all these posts last night after dealing with my own case of the lovely stuff for almost a week, using the lotion and Ivyrest and all that with no relief. Also was working ALOT so could not take much time to treat it and let it all air out...anyways here what I learned last night.

I took the advice of the Dawn dish soap. I use that stuff for alot, works great on getting candle wax out of your holders after the candle burns down.
It cleaned up great, I scrubbed as i used it, opening some of the blisters up. my medicine cabinet I found my ProActive daily oil control cream. I remembered back when I tried this stuff it dried my skin out really bad. So I thought, what the heck.
I had no itching all night, not even a little, felt totally normal. Did a second treatment today and its amazing, all drying up and going away. No more itching no more weeping.
Good Luck!

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I also deal with horrible poison ivy/oak/sumac. I've tried everything from salt to dawn to shoe shinner stuff but your idea really works! Thankyou!!!

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