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About 2 months ago I had 1-2 Warts on my neck. I think they got cut when I shaved and then I got a whole bunch of them on my neck.
I visit the skin specialist, he confirmed it was HPV and told me the only option is Laser Treatment.
I wanted to keep this as a last resort and try out alternate treatments first.
I have been taking Homeopathy medicine for the last 20 days with little effect.
The Warts seemed to be growing. 2 Days ago I got Duct tape, Hydrogen Peroxide and Apple Cidar Vinegar.
I cleaned the Warts with Hydrogen Peroxide for 7-10 minutes, then I used cotton balls soaked in ACV for 30 mins. After this I cover the warts with Duct Tape. I have done this 2 times, and the warts have changed color to white now.
Should I continue with this. After how many days can I expect them to turn Black, and then eventually fall off.

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Okay, I wrote this a couple of weeks ago.
Update: I kept on applying Apple Cider Vinegar for 2 weeks. And slowly the warts which turned white 80 % came off.
Now for a few days I decided not to put duct tape, as it is a little awkward with a silver grey tape across your entire neck. I noticed when I reduced the application of Apple Cider Vinegar, and did not put duct tape for a couple of days, there are some small sprouts from the same place where I had earlier got the big warts. I am continuing the Homeopathy Treatment, which I hope will remove the HPV from the root. I think I will apply the Apple Cider Vinegar and the Duct tape for another week till the warts go off completely.



I'm glad to report back that I am totally Wart free now for the last month.
Although Apple Cider Vineygar and Duct Tape would remove the warts physically it seems the Virus remained and they would grow back. Then I took Homeopathy medicines, which eliminated the root cause and the HPV virus completely. You should ideally consult a homeopath for the medicines, as there are a number of medicines for different types of warts.

I took the following homeopathy medicines after researching on abchomeopathy dot com

1. Thuja 10M
3 Doses sperated by 15-20 mins in the morning, 1 Hr before brushing / eating anything - Once a week.

2. Acid Nitrum 30
One Dose in the morning on all other 6 Days

3. Causticum 200
One Dose in the night (One hr after eating / brushing) on 6 days.

I am not sure which one worked buy in 15 days of starting with this schedule of homeopathy my warts were gone. I continued the medicines till I completed a month.

Hope it helps.


There's Hope!

Hi Styler, I also used Thuja and it worked for me too. So much better then ACV! I'll continue using Thuja for the next month to make sure I clear of GWs.

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