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cover you entire infected area with nail polish, any kind works but I reccomend clear.This remedy ,used constistantly ,will cause the ringworm to suffocate .

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To all you uneducated morons saying you cannot suffocate a fungus.
Do some damn research before making false claims that could mislead people into more suffering.
Fungus needs Oxygen to survive
However, I do not know if this nailpolish works, and im not to keen on putting chemicals like that on infections. (toxins leaching through the skin)
also, theres more types of fungus out there than humanity could ever disvcover. that being said, there may be some fungus's out there that do not need O2.
Fungus also in 'general' prefers an alkali eviroment. but not all leaving credibility to using vignegars.
Im going to go get some tee tree oil, and garlic. I'll post if it works on the main thread. (i also have some natural tea tree oil toothpaste i bought for $2 im gonna try right now)


i'll try it hope it works.!!


i had this ringworm for months and it grows in my armpit.i try the otc cream that recommended by my dr. but it seems it didnt work. ill try this stuff since im a nail polish stings for few mins..ill keep doing this remedy and see what happens.thank u


this worked for me

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