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cover you entire infected area with nail polish, any kind works but I reccomend clear.This remedy ,used constistantly ,will cause the ringworm to suffocate .

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Clear Polish is the only thing that has relieved my itching and reduced spreading. It is also the only thing that has dried up the ringworm infection.


fungi is a lot like human cells. it feeds off of oxygen in order to survive. that is why fungal infections are so hard to cure in humans. You cant kill the infection easy without killing the human cells too. i believe applying nailpolish for a couple days is enough to kill the fungi and not your skin. i'll try it! thanks


anyone know how to do this if your not using clear nail polish since I only have regular nail polish =/


This doesn't work i used it for a week and it got worse.

Bye-Bye Ringworm:)

I read this recomendation, jumped up and tried it. I was so discouraged with this whole experience. I found it beagan to work after 24 hrs. I am so happy! Thank you for sharing your information.It worked for me. You have to rember,everyone is different. If it doesnt work for you doesnt mean it wont work for someone else. Good luck to those of you who are in this situation. It is horrible!


Hope this works. Can't hurt to try it. For the sake of science, I'll try it and let you all know what happens.


I have been using Nail Polish (it's not a clear one, I was so desperate that I got the one I already had.. kind of beige). Anyways.. I have tried ALL the medicine over the counter, and Nail Polish was the only thing that worked for me. It dried up the ringworm in 1 week. This is what I do. I clean up the area using nail polish remover. When it's dry I apply Lotrimin Ultra for jock itch. I wait until the cream penetrates the skin and then I apply the nail polish. A thick layer. When it's almost dry I apply a antibacterial powder. Doesn't need a bandage. It works. And it's worth it!!!


I had ring worm once and it got bigger and bigger as time passed. I then came across this product called Blue Star. It is a form of topical cream that kinda looks like vicks. It is in a white container and I found it at Walgreens. BELIEVE me it will get rid of it. I don't remember how long it took but it was not long. I have not had any problems with it yet and its been years. don't bother with anything else, trust me, use the blue star, you'll be glad you did!! : )


What if the wringworm is around your groin? Can you still use the clear nailpolish?


If this doesn't work, try 20 Mule Borax. (laundry additive) Borax kills fungus and (idiot typing in all caps is right) Ringworm is a fungus. Different things work for different people, but fungus can be really tough to get rid of, and impossible for some.

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