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cover you entire infected area with nail polish, any kind works but I reccomend clear.This remedy ,used constistantly ,will cause the ringworm to suffocate .

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Since ringworm is a fungus, how does it 'suffocate' it


The nail polish worked. I had a quarter-sized infection of ringworm on my leg. I apply clear nail polish nightly. I found it more useful to NOT remove the polish and reapply but to simply recoat the area; thereby avoiding exposing the infected area to more air.

It burned slightly in the beginning, but I didn't care--I wanted rid of it. Later, I felt nothing. After a day or so, if you feel it itch, apply more polish to make sure it is cover.

The polish provides an excellent barrier that prevents contamination. (I bandaged the area any way)

Thanks! It worked!


I have had my ringworm for almost 3 years now and it is the size of tennis ball. The ringworm is located on the arch of my right foot and i want to know how long i have to apply the clear nail polish for. over night? 5 hours? and do I keep reappying it right after i remove it or what? can someone PLEASE tell me the detailed directions ASAP!!

i have a party to attend and i have to wear heels but i am too embarrassed because it will show!


This remedy really works my husband had 2 ringworms on the back of his neck we applied clear nail polish with a Q-tip and within 2-3 days they scabbed up and went away. We let the polish set on for the whole day for the 2-3 days


Fungi are living things (just like plants, worms etc) and need to respire. So if you cut off their supply of air, they suffocate. On that principle, i'm prepared to try this! Thanks for the tip.


i am going to try the nail polish thanks i have spent hundreds of dollars on product. do not try fungrx it cost alot and does not work. thanks again.

Brian McDermott

Nail polish doesn't work. Here is information on better treatments:


Bleach will also work just swab over area and it will disappear within days.


I tried the nail polish thing, but it didn't seem to work. A few days into applying the nail polish over the lesion, another ring started to form around the initial ring.


What can I do for ringworm in my kitten?

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