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Acid reflux

2oz Aloe Vera Juice Daily

May add honey to get the bitterness out.

I got to admit, I was put on a dare to try this. I was on 6 medications for acid reflux-and put on a dare to try aloe vera juice. I stopped all medication for acid reflux and did this dare for a month. Your talking to someone that went through a big Rolaid bottle a week and prescriptions. After a month, i notieced improvement. I managed to even cut down my rolaids.
Now, I only occossianly have to take a rolaid or tums. I love this, even though it tastes wretched.

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The best result if use mature aloes Vera leave water 1 tablespoon three times in some water daily and also take plenty of water daily.


Try mixing the aloe juice in with some peppermint tea with honey. Raw honey is the best. Also a cure for heartburn


Aloe Vera juice is great but it does have some serious side effects--please look it up. I have tried everything and I find that Greek Yoghurt in the a.m. and the p.m. have helped quite a bit.


Try George's Aloe Vera juice. It's tasteless and clear, just like drinking distilled water.

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