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When I was in 7th grade (over 40 years ago) got huge wart on the ball of my foot. So bad could hardly walk. went to Dr. and called it a gym wart. Tried a new treatment Radiation. Didnt work, after 3rd treatment had oppisite effect. Now I had over a dozen warts on the bottom of my foot. Dr. said time to back to the old style treatment, formaldehyde. cant remember ratio with water, something like 10 parts or 20 parts water to 1 formaldehyde, or the time soaked per day, youll have to ask your doctor. Ofcourse foot shriveled up but the warts turned black. In a week pulled the warts out with tweezers, no pain.

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Formaldehyde is a really serious chemical, and it is carcinogenic! I'd rather have plantar warts than cancer. Don't try this remedy.

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