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I just had the worst tooth pain i have ever felt and unfortunatly it started 45 min into an international flight of 14hrs. Having traveled international a lot I have a staple supply of OTC meds to fix just about anything... Unfortunatly after 1000mg of motrin and trying to gargle ambasol there was no change.... So i took a 12 hr Alegra D and within 20 min the pain was virtually gone. my mouth was still sore but a hot cup of coffee finished off the pain.... the pain was in a crowned tooth above the gum line so I am assuming a pulp infection made even worse by cabin pressure on the the 10hr mark the with the Alegra the pain starting coming back, another dose quickly corrected it so I am confident this was the fix....for now

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You are very brave. I've had several abscesses and know how painful they can be. I just can't imagine how Alegra helped but good for you!


I started having horible gum pain as well above a crown. I feel like it may be an abcess but no bubble or anything has formed , its just an amazing amt of pressure and pain through out my sinus but only on one side of my face. tonight when the pain came on i took 8oomg advil, 250 mg amixacillian ( just like i have the past two nights) but tonight i added an advil cold and sinus. wow pain is starting to subside now after only 1 hr!!! so after reading this there def is something to the sinus and allergy meds. thanks for posting

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