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HAS ANYONE EVER THOUGHT....maybe all that crap you're putting on your face, then scrubing and rinsing was giving you acne? OPENING UP YOUR POURS??? That just sounds wrong...period!
Seriously the only thing that EVER worked for me, was not putting soaps and crap on my face. Where I learned, I was a fisherman for over 10 years and didn't shower for extended periods of time, I'd come back after a10 day trip, my face would be flawless everytime. I'd think, the sea air or salt water had worked? Maybe I drank to much on land, or ate crappy food?
It took years to figure it out, till this day, I will occasionally feel I need some soap...and poof, pimples everywhere 38 years later. Same thing goes for my body, but, lol I will not sacrifice some things, I love and hate soaps.
I am sure it's not for everyone, but I'll bet it's for a few!!

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stupid are you serious dumb


I agree with the fisherman, although I also agree with a few of the other posters. It may be worth a try to just cut back on some of these products. Maybe it will help you. Sometimes chemicals in cleansers cause allergic reactions. I'm 47 years old and have had pretty good skin most of my life. As a teenager, I did not have acne. Pimples were a rare thing for me. I also did not wear makeup. I was young and fairly attractive and I guess you could say - I didn't really need makeup. Natural beauty in young ones is so much more attractive - and better for your skin than all of that makeup. My sister had acne. She also wore makeup and used every cleanser they made back then. Eventually she had to have the Dermatologist prescribe her the acne medication called acutane. It did help her tremendously.
I just used Dove soap (sometimes SafeGuard) and water. I've never been very fancy or frilly. Simple skin is what I've had. I still don't wear much makeup. I also still just use Dove soap, or sometimes baby wipes to clean my makeup off. While my skin is still wet and warm from washing my face, I put coconut oil on it. I keep a small jar beside my sink in my bathroom. It's not a liquid, unless the temperature is above 70 degrees Fahrenheit). I just scrape a small amount onto the back of my fingernail. Then I smooth it over my palms and spread it onto my wet freshly washed face. It doesn't make my face oily. In fact it has kind of a drying effect. I have nice skin and I believe this is why. I also don't drink sodas or coffee. In fact I rarely drink anything but water. I eat lots of fresh fruit and healthy foods. I drink wine on rare occasions. I've lost my taste for foods that are not good for me. I think that drinking so much water is very helpful and good for my skin. I also think that using so few products on my skin helps me to maintain good skin. I hope this helps someone.


now that doesnt work,how the hell are you supposed to combat acne if your skin is all dirty. dumbass


Wow no need to be mean everyones skin is different and thats the difference. That worked for him. I have sensitive skin and I cant use all those over the counter face products because they make me break out. So for the most part I've never washed my face except when I shower with Hot water. I use soap on my body but not face and i've never had problems maybe a few before my period. Also your skin can change depending on whats going on on the inside of your body


Everyone skin is different, so treatment will work differently on everyone. However, opening up your PORES is actually a good thing.

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