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HAS ANYONE EVER THOUGHT....maybe all that crap you're putting on your face, then scrubing and rinsing was giving you acne? OPENING UP YOUR POURS??? That just sounds wrong...period!
Seriously the only thing that EVER worked for me, was not putting soaps and crap on my face. Where I learned, I was a fisherman for over 10 years and didn't shower for extended periods of time, I'd come back after a10 day trip, my face would be flawless everytime. I'd think, the sea air or salt water had worked? Maybe I drank to much on land, or ate crappy food?
It took years to figure it out, till this day, I will occasionally feel I need some soap...and poof, pimples everywhere 38 years later. Same thing goes for my body, but, lol I will not sacrifice some things, I love and hate soaps.
I am sure it's not for everyone, but I'll bet it's for a few!!

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Wat the heck are you talking about? Some people get acne from genetics no matter if they had put stuff on there face before. Also your not suppose to put soap on ur face its to harsh, it can lead to over drying of the skin therefore makein ur body make oil and that can lead to oil build up leading to acne.


Are you trying to tell people to boycott soap? Uh. Gross. And, everytime I forget to wash my face, I get pimples. Sooo not washing your face is just going to make it worse. Seriously, no one listen to this idiot.


Everyone has different skin so I know that everyone has to use different things. All of the girls in my office was talking about what different products they used on their faces and everyone of them get breakouts on a regular basis. My mom always taught me to just use plain soap on mine, so I do. I may have one or two breakouts a year.


Its okay people.. he is a fisherman. Doesn't carry much knowlege obviously...


yall messed up this guy is just saying what works for him.. everyone has different skin types.. so if youre not sure it wont work dont down the idea


But the thing is, he was trying to be haughty about it. He was saying that we're all idiots because we go to all of this trouble to have nice skin...where as HE, the obviously superior person here, can smell like heck and still have glowing skin. Great. Thanks for informing us.

Southern Oregon Girl

I have had breakouts forEVER! As soon as I read this, it clicked. Every time I go camping, where I wash my face when I shower every other day with bar soap only, I always end the week with clear skin. Within days of returning home to my acne face wash, makeup, and greasy good foods, I break out horribly! Jeepers, I'm impressed. And by the way, you guys are jerks.


UH....Im not a jerk just a commenter and I forgot to shower last night and guess what little tiny pimple dots ran a little more down the center of my cheek. This is kinda dumb. If he wanted to shower he could nobody tells him to put shampoo on his face nor body just his hair!


Ok heres the scoop, the body is a woderful thing... it actually trys to fix itself. When you 'put too much crap on your face' when the face feels like its dry...aka dehydrated it will send more oils to the skin to protect it... if its dry that great if its dehydrated thats oil... aka acne So the best thing for acne is 1 a clean but not dry face, hydrate from the inside out.. WATER change your pillow case every night clean face on a dirty pillow case and good oils coconut, olive, fish are all great ways to hydrate from the inside out! I am a aesthetician and mother of 3 daughters


Different people have different skin types and different hormone levels. But yeah, I definitely think that for some people, the less they do to their skin the better it will be. After all, the body is pretty good at looking after itself. :)

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