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Masturbate! It works and is enjoyable!

If you are too prude, try Epsom salt bath

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masturbation does not work allthe time, epson salt is ok but I use a spray called privic it will help yuo with RLS


Masturbation works but good sex with a partner is way better. Seriously, i have RLS since 12 years ago.


Masturbation doesn't work for me....


RLS gets worse with time. The masturbation will stop working. It helped me for the first five or so years. Basically it sort of distracts the RLS and gives you a chance to fall asleep before it kicks (ha ha I made a funny - kick get it?) back in, but with time it has stopped having any effect.


Eventually it will stop working, but as long as you can't sleep and have nothing better to do............

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