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I have had dandruff for the past couple years now, specifically around my hairline near my forehead. I have tried numerous things- baking soda, Head & Shoulders, Selsun Blue, Neutrogena T-Gel, tar shampoo, and my doctor prescribed me with a steroid-based lotion which made me break out.

Then, I rescued a dog who had a skin condition (flaky, itchy). I did some research and found that fish oil could be beneficial for him. I have been giving him fish oil supplements daily, and have been taking them myself... and I HAVE FINALLY SEEN RESULTS!!! No more flakes, no more itching! TRY IT!!!

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how strong is the fish oil? my husband has bad dandruff....i take fish oil for my heart. is 1200mg a pill ok for him?


It could be because fish oil has a lot of mercury, PCBs and other intoxicants. You can look up 'fish oil mercury' on nutritiondata, Dr. Greger's blog. If your body releases some in the sebum of the hair, it could also intoxicate the microbes responsible for dandruff. It could also be for another reason that it works, that was just by best bet.

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