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Artemis Fowl

Mix three cups of peppermint leaves with two cups of water. grind in blender until solution is thick. Gurgle one cup of the solution everyday for one week. Each day your breath will get better. solution should last two days. re-make every two days.

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Your remedy works like a charm! Would you you be making any more?


is that the guy who posted the remedy praising it?




Well sonofagun... look at those IP addys! it IS the same guy! LOL


Submitted by Artemis Fowl at 2004-11-10 09:44:03 from **(**
Submitted by Happy at 2004-11-19 09:36:47 from **(**

One would think they would at least use another account to pat themselves on the back, but then again, I guess you have to get it where ever and how ever you can.

Alley ohio

whats a good home remedy for a sinus infection or basically something at home to clear your sinus and cough congestion


for sinus is vicks....put some on end of qtips and put on the affected area in your will sting but it works...

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