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Not all tooth pains are created equal, but I hope my solution can help someone else. I have a cavity that keeps giving me intense pains in the middle of the night.

I got it to go from a massive throbbing pain to a dim and tolerable pain (at least this I can sleep through).

Here's what I did:

First, brush GENTLY with sensodyne. Second wet a q-tip with peroxide and hold it against the cavity for half a minute (contrary to strangely popular belief, peroxide does not hurt in the least, and doesn't even taste very bad). Third, repeat with clove oil (be careful about this one though--it burns when touched to anything besides your teeth). Lastly, rinse thoroughly with mouthwash, twice (I use alcohol-free Crest Pro-health). Then give it 3-5 minutes to get over the agitation caused by messing with it.

With ALL of these steps, spit but DON'T rinse. The remnants of all remaining on the affected tooth will provide more lasting relief than if you remove it all. And if you finish with a pleasant tasting mouthwash, it wont be too inconvenient either.

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