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I'm currently 14, & I've had stretch marks since I was 13.
I loved going to parties, staying the night with friends & going to the beach. now, I stay at home, all day, everyday. I've pitched fits, cried, & dissed my friends (lost some too).
The stretch marks I have are all over my bottom, my thighs & going down my legs.
When I first started to get them, they were squiggly lines on my butt-cheeks.
I thought it was a temporary thing.
Until it turned into deep, purple stretch marks.
I know people say you shouldn't care what people think.
But, it's so embarrassing! D:
I'm always the odd-ball wearing jeans or knee-knockers when it's 100 degrees.
And I get made fun of for it.
I've tried Cocoa Butter, & Bi-Oil. They've lightened up some.
But, I've been using it for months..
I don't see a big difference.
And I'm only 14, I can't keep asking my parents to buy me creams & stuff for it..
What is some home remedy's I can use to help it? QUICKLY. Because, I start school in 3 weeks. /: & In gym we wear short shorts, (have to) & I don't want to get made fun of /: I'm going to be new at the school....

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mix some baking soda and water until the consistency of like wet sand and then add any kind of moisturizer (i used a body milk moisturizer) until the consistency of yogurt and message on the effected area and leave on over night and rinse of in the morning with warm water works amazingly!
the baking soda exfoliates which allows the moisturizer to get deeper into the skin. it also helps tighten the skin which helps get rid of cellulite as well :) apply every night for dramatic changes!


How long did it take for it to work for you ? I have stretch marks all over my legs. I've started to use bio-oil but I need something to get rid of them fast !


u can u shea butter from Tanya tkoskin it really helps u can look her up on you tube


I'm literally crying right now. Just a few minutes ago I came out of the shower, and as I was getting dressed I felt this familiar itching over the back of my knees, my arms, and my belly. I already have stretch marks on the sides of my waste, and a few under my arms. I'm freaking out! I think the reason I've gotten them its because I've gained a few pounds. I honestly think my body is regular, I wouldn't consider myself fat. But I need help! All I want is a remedy that is easy to get, not aloe vera and stuff like that. Where the hell could I get that? Somebody please help me, I'm already insecure so this is just killing me. I'm only 15! By the way, if the olive oil with sugar treatment really works, I'd like to get some feedback about it, I want to be sure I'm not wasting my time.


Hey guys I am also 14 and I have had stretch marks since 14, after I quit swimming. I realized that after I quit I started to gain a ton of wait, around like 10 pounds, and after awhile I started to get stretch marks, at first they were just on my right leg a bit, but have spread to my left leg, butt, hips and even my chest :O. When I was doing some research one day, I found an amazing home remedy, but you have to stay committed to it!! Even though it takes awhile, when I first started it, I was doing it probably every two days, and I saw improvement, but after awhile I was just doing it when I felt like it, and then they started getting worse again. But here is what I tried, it works amazing if you commit to it, try and do it everyday, but if you cant try it as much as possible.
FIRST STEP (Very important) EXFOLIATE!
Exfoliate around the area/s in cirles and after 10mins or so, start exfoliating the area in the direction towards the heart. (e.g. From your stomach you stroke the exfoliating brush upwards. From the Arms, across ways.)

Okay this may sound funny but the Vicks Vaporub REALLY WORKS! Ok, now don’t leave just yet. I think I know why this may be. It has something to do with the ingredients, Eucylyptus and the menthol. And I think there may also be a small amount of Emu oil in there also.

I know a constant strong smell of the stuff isn’t pleasant but grab a dollup of the stuff and rub it in circles but mostly in the opposite direction the stretch marks are. (On my stomach, they’re vertical so I rub it horizontally). You don’t need to go fast or hard but go firmly making sure you concentrate on one spot! Do this for 15-30 min. Does seem long but you won’t notice if you do this while watching something, and resting your arms during commercial breaks. Lol.

Here comes the Olive Oil. I measure about the size of the lid and rub it on all my stretch mark areas And yes, on top of the Vicks Vaporub. Rub it in till the skin loses the oil shine. That’s how you know it’s being absorbed. Don’t go overboard on this part, cos you will be repeating this step.

The Gooey Part. Lol. Crack an egg. Throw the yolk and keep the white. Apply on the area you’ve just treated. No need to massage in really, but apply with circular movement. Wait for the yolk to dry. Sit on a towel perhaps if you’re worried about the runnyness. But really, it’s not that bad if you’ve applied it in the circular motions like I said. May take another 5 min to dry depending on the area size.

COLD SHOWER! AHHHH! Yes ladies, a cold shower. This is where you wash off all the Vicks, Oil and the Goo! Lol. Use a strong, almost rough loofah (A coarse, fibrous cylindrical object used like a bath sponge for washing.) on the spots. It’s like another mild exfoliation. But also to make sure you’ve gotten rid of the gooyness ;). After that you can put the water on a bit warmer and use your bodywash and whatever you usually do.

Mosturise. With a stronger moisturiser. Something that will keep your skin very hydrated. The natural and very GREAT product to use is… YOU GUESSED IT! OLIVE OIL! But also if you do not want to use that again, you can use any type of moisturizing cream, try and stay more natural, the stuff I like to use is Vaseline intensive rescue extra strength, unfragranced .

And don’t forget to drink you eight glasses of water a day or as much as you can. This will help keep skin hydrated and in the long run, will prevent wrinkles setting on faster.

Give it a try guys. Does take time but is worth it. Well, I have tried this routine and I have seen great results!!! No joke! I can feel that the skin has smoothed out much more than the left. Still a bit bumpy but I’m sure in time will smooth out for good! With all the exfoliation!
If I had pictures I would prove it!
I am positive it will work if you do practise this every night and make it a ritual. It worked for me! Give it a go and tell me how you’ve gone. What’s your story. =)
and if you want to use a product, even though this is a natural site, try TriLASTIN-SR Intensive Stretch Mark Complex, it was on the tyra show, I have not tried it yet but people who have; have had 100% results. Hope this will help and sorry about the super long comment. LOL!


really im 15 yrs too and i have stretch marks all over my back...which is not normal and on my breast since i was about 14 i know they are embarrassing i don't go to the beach at all because of that issue that i have with my back and breast does pure lime juice yoke out of an egg baking soda and moisture really works??????


sugar and olive oil scrub the spots rinse and should be clear


I have the same problem! I joined cheerleading, got super flexible and got stretchmarks all down my inner thighs! im embarrassed to wear shorts!!
Im only 15 and 5'2 and weigh 120 lbs! I got them last year..any luck???

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