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Hi all,
Thanks for all the useful suggestions.

I first got eczema when I was 18 and it lasted a few months. I only get occasional small and manageable flare ups now but recently had a bigger flare up on my arm and stomach (I think it was a reaction to a change in washing powder).

I did 3 things that made the itch go away and the flare up go after about a week:

1. I made a paste with the following natural ingredients which I applied regularly (not all the ingredients are easy to get hold of so do your own version):
Juice of an aloe vera leaf from a plant
Neem oil
Coconut cream
Piece of a Papaya
Almond oil
Manuka Honey

Mash them all together into a paste and put in a sealed container in the fridge and apply regularly to moisten the affected area.

2. I added the following to a warm bath:
Sage leaves
Sea salt
Rosemary leaves
Aloe vera leaves from a plant
Clay powder

Helps moisturise and feels like a treat!

3. Replaced cow and soya milk with hemp, almond, quinoa or oat milk and made a drink from the Indian herb and fruit paste; chywanaprash (supposed to aide the immune system)

All that said: I cannot recommend enough that you try and get an aloe vera plant! If you can get hold of one they are hardy and resistant and grow more of themselves and so you could have an endless supply!

Tip: I always water mine with either boiled water or rain water for less impurities.

Hope that helps and good luck!

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There are good ideas here I'll try. Thanks.

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