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In reality, sorry to say U HAVE TO EXCERSICE. There is no way u can accurately and safely loose weight without gaining it BACK, if u dont exercise; trust me that was me back then.. Anyways i think any would prefer looking toned than i kno

Well this is my remedy, i lost 25 pounds..

First off i do drink tea twice a day specifically Tadin ZENDO DIETERS TEA.. i switched from lipton green to this tea and it works so much can find it in walmart and it only cost $2..One in the morning and one at night

2nd, the hardest part FOOD...well i do eat healthy but when cravings kick in i eat in moderation..lets say if i want a burger(no fries), ill eat it before 3pm because the rest of the day my body is busy..or wuts best is eating 2days healthy and the third day have urself wutever u want..try not to eat after 7pm..if ur hungry eat fruits(like anyone does that) honestly i eat a bowl of cereal with skim or 1% milk.
try not to eat more than ur calorie consumption..that helps me alot..

3rd. one hour of excercise everyday 4-5times a week..pick up a excercise video from walmart, run w/ abdominal excercises..anything..just excercise

and last drink lot and lots of water!

the tea and healthy eating is the key.. also if u can find an aloe drink that cleans out your system naturally..i make my own by slicing the aloe and water then blending it together.

well thats my info sorry if its long
-Hope u try the tea :)
-love helping ppl loose weight,if any questions there's my email..i was teased when i was fat in middle school:(
NOW im in college and the guys that use to tease me want me hahahaha! cant have my curvy body though..LOL

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Hey, I'm a mom. :) good advice, i'll try the tea. I need to lose at least 30 lbs :/ ...I'm impatient, so it seems difficult, I want results


How long did it take you to lose 25lbs?


Sounds easy to do. I'm a mom of 2 and Being a latina, its sometimes hard to loss weight, it All goes to my hips and butt!

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