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Ian Phillips

This is a remody our family have used for years and is found in most kitchen cupboards. ingredients: corn flour, Mustard & Olive oil. mix 1/4 cup flour & 1 tspn Mustard powder in a cop and WARM Olive oil to makeat thick paste.
place paste in the centre of a hankercheif and fold it in 1/2 and rool folding ends in. Place in another hankercheif and roll up so it can be tied aroupd neck. Tie loosly around the neck at night. it works like a dream and is so easy TRY IT and let us know your oppinion

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this actually can cause a burn to the skin. its very dangerous because my mom used a remedy similar to this and it burned me severely.


we have used it on all 5 of our children with no problems


you just can't let the mixture touch your skin.


I'd be worried about strangulation! Not a good idea. Even when hung loosely kids move around and often blankets get snug around babies and kids.I wouldn't dream of putting anything around his neck :(


Wow. Terrible advice. No way id try this on my kid


The application of said remedy can always be changed. Mustard seeds have been used for centuries for healing so I can understand its reference here . I would avoid the tied hankerchief for leaving it untied or part if a steamer


Indian mustard oil it smells but my mother says it works she would know there are nine of us although I haven't tried it yet the smell isn't very pleasant but its is bearable so I suppose I will try it on my two kids 11 months and 3 she said just rub some on the head and chest


Holy cow! All the comments of 'danger, danger!' Are you kidding me? How in the world do you think the person who posted this knew to use this remedy, including tying it on the neck?... think hard now... did it come to you? Obviously it's a time tested remedy, a.k.a. old-fashioned, and the children it was used on weren't strangled, burned? maybe. But not strangled. Get a grip. The mainstream media hypes up all sorts of possible childhood 'horrors' to play on a parent's emotions and confidence in his/her/their skills. Stop buying into it. How the heck do you think people have made it this long on planet Earth? Modern medicine and weenie parenting due to being told to 'worry about everything' are very new concepts in the grand scheme of Life.


I used this for my son when he got Croup (2+ yrs ago)and it worked so well he didn't need the nebulizer (a huge relief b/c I wanted to stay away from the steroids by any means possible). We slept with him for the 2 days he had it...he was not strangled.

My daughter (2 y/o) was just diagnosed and THIS was the first thing that came to mind.

Thank you so much for sharing!

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