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This may seem a bit strange, but trust me, it helps.

Take nose drops (and yes I do mean the ones that you use when you have a cold), and spray them in your nose, just like you would when normally using them. Now your throat will be in pretty intense pain for about 20 minutes, so I suggest chewing some gum to ease the pain. Repeat every few hours and your sore throat will feel a lot better, trust me!

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due to the fact that you used the term 'pretty intense pain', i dont think im goin to try this one


I tried this once and my throat hurt so badly after using the nose drops on already sensitive tissue. I waited a few minutes for the pain to subside but it didn't and I went to the emergency room.


I hope you're not referring to things like nasonex. You do realize those sprays are only supposed to be used as directed for a reason, i hope :/

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