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So,I have been getting cold sores basically all of my life. I dont know about you guys but when I feel a cold sore coming on, I just want to CRY my eyes out because I dont want people too see that ugly thing on my lips.
Well anyways, last night, I felt a little tingling in my lip, which means that a cold sore is coming on. I always keep my Abreva handy because I am one of the few that have been lucky that this works. Well, I add the Abreva to contain the cold sore, and usually, when I catch it at an early stage like it was last night, the Abreva takes care of it. But not this time, because when I woke up this morning, the thing was not gone, but hadnt spead because of the Abreva. So then, I iced the sore for about 1-1. 5 hours and then I take a sterile needle and pop the blisters. I IMMEDIATELY take Hydrogen Peroxide and soak the sore with it and then I ice again. I keep applying Abreva, Blistex, and drink plenty of water thoughout the day, and now you can barely see the thing, it just looks like a little cut on my lip! (: Hope this technique works for you because It has helped me.! :D

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i get an oral drop in called Zytee, very effective


You pop it ??


I cant imagine popping it.. just seems way too painful


I totally agree. I've dealt with these horrible things for years and have tried everything. The only thing that has really worked was ice, then popping (with a sterile needle and a tissue to dab any liquid), immediate application of peroxide, and then Abreva. I repeat the peroxide and abreva many times throughout the day. Mine are gone within two days, which is incredible compared to the seven days of agony and embarrassment I suffered before!

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