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hey all am a 23 yr old woman ive had G.W for 9 months i got them from my cheatin ex anyway my immune system is really low i tried all the creams n freezin but they didnt worse they only burnt me n made them spead. I have now probs about over 30 small n big they have go me so low i tried pickin them off heard that it didnt it am sorry but it does hurt, i didnt wana go back to the doctors so i looked on ere 4 tips found sum but didnt no where 2 look 4 the stuff most used so i got some scholl freeze wart remover even tho ive started yesterday ive notice they r slowly gettin small n sum have gone ive alway bein takin wellwoman men can get the wellman it has mostly everything help this helps

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No wonder he cheated. If you talk like you write, he probably can't stand to listen to you.


I have no idea what you just said?????

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