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Sister Luke

In my experience, the best home remedy bar none is carbamide peroxide, used as directed, don't over do. Don't use regular peroxide, it is not the same at all! It can be hard to find, if the first drugstore doesn't have it keep trying, it comes in a 'squirt bottle' kind of like nasal spray. It doesn't work instantly, but you will get real improvement by the third or fourth use, so keep it up. It has kept me going with a two teeth half gone for three years, until now that is! I use it every day. Never put anything hot, like a hot water bottle or heating pad on your face with a toothache as it will make the swelling MUCH worse!!! Swish warm salt water in your mouth, but no heat on your face! I learned this one the hard way and ended up looking like Droopy Dog, or so I was told. If you have lost a filling, clean the cavity well and fill with temporary filling you can get at the drugstore, that will do a lot for the pain. Be careful with the numbing ointments and alcohol too, as many people (me included) get rebound reactions, the pain gets much worse after their use, so I stay away from them. You want the nerve to calm down, those things can really get the nerve excited and that is not what you want! Take two Advil, nothing else even comes close for me, so far as pain relievers go. I have a serious dental phobia but I come by it honestly. When I was a kid I had a dentist who only gave me Novocain when my mom took me (she never did) and would jab me with the drill if I moved in the chair when he hit a nerve! My Mother did not believe me, she thought he was such a nice old man! To add insult to injury I have ankylosis (sp?) which made my back teeth almost impossible to pull. Once I went into shock and they had to take me to the hospital! Don't you just love going to the dentist? Right now I am nursing a huge abscess, and am doing self hypnosis on the ipod twice a day to hopefully get me to the dentist on Friday, praise God the free clinic gave me an appointment. The self hypnosis worked like a charm for my fear of public speaking, so I am praying it will at least help me make it into the chair!

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I suggest you do your research. Ask around get feedback on other people's Dentists. There are a few sites that rate MDs as well. Newer dentists are generally more up to date. I am a Dental Assistant that wants to be a dentist and patient comfort is of utmost importance. It really is sad when professionals, especially health care providers, lose their passion and become neglectful. Good luck getting to the Dentist! You can do it!


Sounds like you and I had the same dentist when we were kids. It was always a nightmare going to my dentist. When you told him it hurt he would say no it doesn't. Later in life when I found my own dentist I would ask for a double dose of freezing and he gladly gave it to me and now I have learned that he just retired so I'm not looking forward to finding a new dentist although I do need one or I wouldn't be at this site.

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