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Go to JCPenney's and get a perm. Then buy a Bed Head or BioSilk product. I know you'd rather have homemade stuff, but this works for me.
Tips: Olive Oil helps with split ends.
Mayo helps with making your hair shiny and flawless.
Egg yolks give your hair style. (I think)
If you mix those ingredients together, it will make a super duper deep conditioner.

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Well, thank you very much for your rating. That did not make me feel good, you know.

CyCy lol

oh nevermind. oops sorry


Getting a perm will only make your hair more dry and less healthy. Oh, and egg yolks don't give hair style but do make your hair soft and shiny. :)


Perms are not good for your hair. Perm damage can cause the hair to be brittle, and dull. The damage can often be minimized by conditioners and re-constructors.

Mayonnaise is primarily vegetable oil, eggs, and/or lemon juice or vinegar. None of those ingredients belong in your hair. It can cause matting, tangles and knots in the hair which must be cut off to remove! (Besides, your hair would smell like a salad!)


Perms are gross and greasy! Damages your hair! They are so played out! They keep your hair weighed down and flat! Yuck! Rest in Peace Perm!


Oh Shut up people sheesh! Perms work for me! I LOVE THEM AND U CAN'T CHANGE THAT! So cooperate to the the girl who said 'Perms are gross!' I LOVE PERMS! Perms rule!

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