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Poison Ivy,

I tried hydrocortisone cream, then I tried rubbing alcohol both did not work. I still scratched & was miserable.

My husband used to work for a landscaping company & told me to use a wet wash cloth with salt & scrub the affected area. It stung, but it hasn't bothered me since. The only problem...I had to admit my husband was right ; )

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Tried the cold tap water with salt scub and it worked for me. That stopped the itching - period. What a relief. Thank you!


I am about to try it


I too am about to try it, this poison ivy has had me for over 2 weeks and a whole bottle of Calagel!


It worked; thanks!!!


So, what is the home remedy to treat, 'your husband being right???' Lol


Yea! It's gone! Scrubbed last night and voila, it's gone. Thanks to you and your hubby.


So, remember the moral of the story is: Listen to your husband more often! He does have a good idea once in awhile. Ha! Ha!


or if you have the luxury of living near the ocean, go for a swim. always helps me.


i just tried the salt with a wet wash cloth and it took the itch away fast thanks for the idea

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