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Listerine! Simple as that. The brown stuff. Put on dry hair saturate and let sit for 10 min. Rinse and comb through with a lice comb.
I was 16 and baby sat after school. Found out the hard way that the kids had lice. I have VERY thick and long hair. We tried everything. My parents most have spent at least $200 on the RID and NEX stuff. They even brought me down to the health department. We tried pure alcohol, flee shampoo,… You name it we tried it. I cant tell you how many night I lost sleep b/c I itched so bad. And to be in school trying not to scratch was SO hard. I battled these things for well over 6 months. Even had my head bleached 2 times in one day (unrelated to tiring to remove the lice) and they still lived. Then one day my dad comes home from work with 4 large bottles of Original Listerine. Some guy he worked with told him to try it. So me and my mom when in to the bathroom. I hung my head over the tub and she proceeded to poor two of the bottles onto my head. The rest is history. I never again after that night had any more issues. I hope this helps. It was a life saver for me!

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Would the off brand ie: Equate from Walmart; of listerine work?


How long do you keep it in?


I tried this on my 2 girls - home from camp with bad case. It worked. I soaked the heads in brown Listerine (didnt try generic) and put conditioning caps on their heads. They sat for two hours. All bugs deadl. Then on one I doused the head with the Cetaphil soft soap and this made combing easier. The Cetaphil soap was left in overnight. Washed heads with Prell shampoo which will kill anything. Still fighting them, but no question that Listerine works.


Ok I have been fighting with the lice problem for a while now. I would say almost a year. My kids and I can not seem to get it all out. When I think we have it long behold I find one in there head or mine. I am about at my wits end I have spent more them 500 dollars on this stuff to get it gone and it does not work. I am going to try whats on here god i hope it works.


i'm about to seriously shave my head! i want to try kerosene but my mom says itll catch fire. i don't know what to do! i've read listerine burns your skin..i want to try it but i'm a bit afraid. I've used Rid, Nix, Lindaine, Olive Oil, Apple cidar vinegar, white vinegar, mayonaisse, baby oil..and others. nothing works for good!



Listerine does work I tried it on my head for about 2 hours wrapped in a shower cap and when I took the cap off they were all dead, washed my head and more dead lice came. As far as it burning I guess it depends on your skin because mine did not burn at all

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