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5 dollars is all you need for this remedy for warts!!
i had 2 wart on my left and right foor one on my big toe and one below my toe pinky. it was soo painful i couldn't go out because i couldn't wear shoes. i tried everything i went to a wart removal clinic and had a doctor freeze and he told me to come back in 2 weeks but during that 2 weeks my wart grew back. i also tried ACV but it didn't work as well. i tried cutting it but it started bleeding and it also grew back. soo i tried duct tape.. just put duct tape on your wart MAKE SURE YOU WRAP IT ALL AROUND SO THAT NO AIR COME IN. do it for about a week . what it does is the duct tape cuts the surrounding of the wart and takes it out since it suffocating it. i've read some other remedies here and some people say that it doesn't for them and it's true because it depends.. so yeaah. hope i help you guys..


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