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The following is a list of things you will need to create the mixture…

1. Small Bottle of Castor Oil (widely available at local grocery and drug stores)

2. Plain Old Baking Soda

Step 1:
Mix a teaspoon of Castor Oil with just enough baking soda to make a thin paste. Not cake like or crumbly, if that happens, you will need to add more oil.

NOTE: For genital warts, use only the castor oil – do not mix with or use the baking soda. Castor oil only!

Step 2:
Once in the morning and once in the evening…

Rub a small amount into the mole or wart until somewhat absorbed (will take
approximately 1 or 2 minutes). Then apply a little more and cover with a Band-Aid.

Keep this up until the mole or wart shrivels and disappears. Usually takes from 3 days to 3 weeks for them to fall out.

Since everyone is different, the process may take longer for some keep doing this until the mole, wart or skin-tag has completely fallen off.

You can take a shower and all just remember to reapply the mixture and cover with a Band-Aid after you have

If you find you are sensitive to the baking soda you may just use the Castor Oil alonewith the Band-Aid, and it will work also. It will just be a little slower in some cases.

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oh well.


has Anyone try this?


Yes, it does work.
I've been doing this for a few days now. I see it went down a lot.


well i'm 13 years old, and i have warts all over my leg, and their spreading, i'll get made fun of at school if my friends find out, so i really hope this works.


I used this method and have been left with scars. The warts grew back shortly afterwards.


I've been trying this for 6 weeks on a mole and the only results are itching and bleeding. I'd like to hear more from anyone who actually had it WORK on a mole!


I paid for this remedy a while back and it worked GREAT on the plantar warts on my feet. I had tried oral medication, freeze burning, and sugery to remove the warts and NONE of it worked. This was the only remedy that worked for me. I would have never believed it but it was a last resort that turned out to be a miracle.

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