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The thing is, there are two types of plugged ears: inside (behind the eardrum) and outside. Wax buildup happens in the ear canal to the outside of your eardrum, and sinus congestion affects the eustachian tubes that are behind your eardrum and that connect with your throat.

Excess wax - treat it with steam, peroxide, or purchased ear wax treatments. NO Q-TIPS!

Eustachian tube congestion - allergy meds, sudafed, sinus rinses, inhaling steam from hot tea, drinking the hot tea; all can help. Staying really well hydrated is also important, so taht mucus can thin and flow out of the sinuses and eustachian tubes.

Another gentle but really effective option is to get some papaya enzyme tablets. Don't swallow them (although you'll be tempted, because they taste great) - place one papaya tablet between your cheek and gum in each corner of your mouth, and one under your tongue, and let them dissolve. I'm a professional singer and have used this to unclog the most stubborn of ears right before a performance (when you don't want to be taking meds that dry you out).

A very, very old remedy that my mother used gives good comfort until you can get to a doctor, and sometimes will take care of the problem by itself: use sweet oil. (Sweet oil is the old-fashioned name for very pure light olive oil). Place a few drops in a teaspoon and warm over a candle. Soak a small wad of cotton in it (big enough to block the opening of your ear canal, not small enough to go into it). Test to make sure it is not painfully hot, but is as hot as you can comfortably stand. Place the oil-soaked cotton at the opening of your ear, and lie down with that ear up. The warmth will penetrate and sooth your pain, and the oil will also soothe the external ear canal and help melt any wax buildup that might be there.

One final note: sometimes what feels like a clogged ear is actually from painfully tense, swollen jaw muscles. If you have a habit of clenching your jaw, that might be the source of persistent ear pain. Get yourself a night guard, and see your dentist just in case there's something out of alignment with your bite.

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Omg! I tried this! It was amazing results. I was stupid and stuck a q tip in my ear, and this helped a bunch. (although i did it twice and got better results.)


This is the best and most reasonable comment. Thank you.


I just tried the warm olive oil on a cotton ball tip... And it worked!! Thank you!! I'm not clogged anymore and my ear does not itch as badly as it has been.. Thanks again!!!


I read this about 2 hours ago.Went and inhaled the steam from a boiling pot of tea, then drank the tea. My severly clogged ear has just popped open by itself. Thanks!!


After reading so many different posts about clogged ears and deciding that I was allergies due to my allergies during ragweed season, I pretty much gave up till I read the last part of your post. I take a lot of adderall to study and because of that I clench my jaw for sometimes more than 24 hours, thank you so much I put my night guard retainer in and started icing and rubbig my jaw muscles.

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