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follow these simple steps

1.brush your teeth with baking soda or lemon juice (i prefer lemon juice)

2.brush your tongue

3.gargle your mouth with salt water

4.avoid cheese
it is because , cheese forms a layer on the tongue and makes the breath smell

5.gargle your moth with water before every meal

6. brush your teeth after every meal
by doing this , the pieces of food you chew may get stuck on your teeth

7.go to visit a dentist

these above mentioned remedies works only for some kind , if not it gives a relief and this should be done with an
advise of physician

8 . what are you waiting for ? try if u feel it works for you !!!!!!!!!!!!

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DON'T brush after every meal. Food acids remove the enamel on your teeth and brushing just makes it worse. What to do is rinse your mouth with an alcohol free mouth wash.


What do you people think that the boy doesn't brush his teeth or seeing dentist? This person posted here because of course they have had tried all the dental hygiene stuffs. This is quit a dumb advice. IMHO, stomach problem is where to check but hard to tell because the boy is healthy. My son also had bad breath even after brushing his teeth. I will try the advice of using Probiotics, this is very interesting post. Thanks.

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