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remedies for head aches
1.) rub an ice over your forehead
2.)soak a small piece of cloth in hot or cold water and put it on your forehead
3.)take a bubble bath
4.) drink some fruit juices
5.)chew mint chewing gum
6.) soak vicks in a very hot water and breath in the fresh steam

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Never heard of chewing mint gum as a remedy. For me, chewing mint or citrus flavoured gum GIVES me headaches. I'm guessing it's something that's in it maybe that causes me to have headaches. But if it works for you then that's good :)


Thanks so much. I have had a stressful week and this is definitely helpful!!


NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER chew gum to get rid of a headache. Especially mint. No, don't do that.

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