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I know someone had said the tylnol pm was hard to use because of the hard coat it has. I just get the bottom of my nail polish push down real hard n it breaks it apart leaving the coat to the side. So for about the last 4 days I've been using the tylnol pm leaving it on over night. The in the morning washing it off with peroxide. The. Soaking in some hot water with peppermint Epsom salt. ( read that peppermint helped gential herpes) n it has dried up. Pretty good. Just have been constant with it. Expect today had to work a long shift. Weird this I's my first break out was every where so was the second break out n this I's my 3 break out in 2 years. N it's in one spot just a dot. Always thought it would break out in more the. One area... Also I wear a tampon just too keep my self dry all day. Moisture irritated its. Keeping my self shaved also helps nothing to bother it. And loose cloths nothing pushing on it. Hope this helps. I've ordered some zinc gluconate powder. Read that it works really good. I'm sure by the time I get it my spot will be gone! But I'f break out again I'll let everyone know I'f it's work 25 bucks!

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May all H sufferers be okay!



Mix zinc gluconate 12 to 14%, less than 12-14% percent will not work as well, mix it with hydrogen peroxide as a paste. Don't let it dry up. It works when it is moist or wet. You could put the paste on an then spray a cotton-ball with hydrogen peroxide and place it on top of the paste to keep it moist. This will dry up the sore, monitor the time. The Black Salve works even better and faster, especially the one with DMSO and Zinc Chloride.

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