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This treatment works well on toenail fungus that causes THICKNESS & DISCOLORATION.

I've had this toe nail fungus for over 25 years now, I've had it since I was a child. Thought I should try to fix it before my wedding. I've used a lot of ingredients which I had lying around the house, I'm somewhat of a homeopathic junky.

1. sand paper down the nail as thin as possible and cut the nail as short as possible

2. find an empty nail polish and fill it up with nail polish remover to clean out all the polish. Make sure the brush is free of polish. Rinse with water and soap after the polish residue is removed

Ingredients needed:
organic apple cider vinegar
black walnut hull oil
tea tree oil
35% food grade hydrogen perioxide
olive oil

vicks vapor rub

3. put in equal parts of vinegar, black walnut hull oil, tea tree oil,listerine and olive oil into the nail polish container.

4. put in 4-5 drops of food grade hydrogen peroxide into the nail polish container. (be careful not to spill since highly corrosive)

5. make sure you shake the nail polish container well and apply twice a day to nail, morning and night

6. after applying the nail polish container solution, apply liberal amounts of vicks vapor rub to nail

You might be able to use regular hydrogen peroxide you can purchase in drugstores, but make sure you put equal parts of that as with all the other ingredients.

I've been applying this solution for about a month and my toe nail fungus is drastically improving, not only do I see new unaffected growth, but the old nail looks almost unaffected by fungus.

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Three points :-

I have tried Vicks Vapo-rub for 6 months with no discernable improvement. So I'll try this Iodine application now. Thanks Mark.

At boarding school we had to step through a mini foot bath with a Potassium Permanganate solution, this killed off athletes foot for us all, but stained our feet ! I don't know how it would work on the Toe Nail Fungus, but believe that Permanganate has 4 oxygen atoms in its make up, and I noticed that other sites have mentioned that this fungus doesn't like oxygen, so this could be a option to try, but it does stain things, so I'd try the clear iodine option first.

I read in one of the posts that someone had been soaking their feet in vinegar, and recommended it for someone else who had rough skin. I just want to warn against possible 'excessive / prolonged' soaking in vinegar because it can soften bones and raise the risk of fractures. In a like fashion, it is also known that vinegar softens egg shells. 'Moderation' for the sake of safety is important.

Good luck everyone.


I saw a post about how to get rid of head lice. I just wanted to give a fool-proof simple no-medicine solution, that works perfectly. Wash your hair as usual, then put in a generous amount of conditioner, don't wash the consitioner out, keep your hair 'lubricated' with conditioner for a little over a week ( washing and re-applying conditioner every 2 - 3 days ), and twice daily use a special fine tooth combe to brush out the lice and the eggs, both of which are unable to get a grip on your hair, and so they are combed out easily. No side effects, inexpensive, easy.


I am going to try this, I have tried Lamisil and it only cleared up one nail:( I am hearing so much about tea tree oil, so I guess it's worth a try. I tried Vicks, it starts out great but then after it clears up it is right back in a few months. Where can you get 35% hyrdrogen peroxide?

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