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For vaginal yeast infections;
01. Keep the vaginal area clean by using clean water.
02. Dont use any chemical substance on the vaginal area, excessive cleansing using vaginal wash etc must be avoided.
03. Apply non flavoured/non sweetened organic yogurt on the affected area and keep for about 30 minutes. Do not insert this into the vagina and use only on the exterior of the vagina
04. Drink king cocnut
05.Drink lot of water
06. Always use clean hygenic toilet papers and clean toiletts and wipe from top to bottom.
07. CONSULT A GYNEOCOLOGIST ASAP in a severe infection

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I've tried and tried the medicines my gyn gives me. It causes another bacterial infection. And surprise, surprise the bacterial infection treament causes another yeast infection! I take it you've never dealt with this enless cycle because you would be desperate and stop telling women to just go see the doctor. In my experience doctors support drug companies and their endless hunger for money!

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