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This is a remedy used in Sri Lanka trusted by many. This will remove your lice and dandruff and also give you silky,soft hair.
Take 4 limes and slice them into two. You can remove the seeds if you want but I usually leave them. Take dill seeds and grind them to make a fine paste. In a saucepan put water enough to boil the lime, add lime and boil it. When its boiling put in the dill paste and mix well. When it is dissolved let the mixture cool. When it is lukewarm apply it in the scalp and lice affected hair. Rub the lime on your scalp softly. You may use 2 limes at once. Then leave for at least 10 minuts and with a wide toothed comb untangle your hair and remove the lime seeds off your hair. Then taking a very fine toothed comb, comb through each strand of hair. You will see dead lice between the teeth of the comb. Then wash off with warm water. You can use a shampoo specially for lice and wash it. Afterwards again use the wide toothed comb to untangle and follow closely with combing each hair strand with the very fine toothed comb slowly. You will see more dead lice. Wash your hair well again and apply conditioner only on the ends of hair. Wash it all off.Just before you step out of the shower wash it with cold water. Take a soft towel and wipe your scalp thoroughly. Any remaining lice will be on your towel. Again untangle with wide toothed comb and let your hair air dry. Follow this procedure at least twice a week and you will be completely lice free in a months time and also have gorgeous hair!

Never use dishwashing liquid or any such liquid on your hair/scalp..lice may die but you will have severe hair loss and dry hair as a result.

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Its me charmaine who posted above..
I have mentioned to use a very fine toothed comb meaning a specially designed comb to remove lice and lice eggs..and for children use Rid or Nix head lice shampoo after lime and dill treatment. Also remember to keep the pillow cases, bed sheets and any surface the lice victim comes into contact with cleaned and free from lice to stop breding. Make sure you remove the nits as well not just the lice.

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