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Drink pasturized goats milk. Swim everyday. Sleep at least 8 hours a day. Dont exert yourself by doing extreme exercise. Do breathing exercises. For children drinking goats milk and swimming daily will completely cure asthma.

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Are asthma and itching (on the body,feet,hands,palms) related?

Tom Ralphs

Erm, what the fuck?! Do you literally have any idea how medicine OR asthma operates? Drinking milk (goat or otherwise) and swimming have no tested correlation to relieving the spasming in the muscles surrounding the bronchioles.

Me and Andy (who is currently suffering with his asthma) think your notion is just below laughable. We did not laugh because we were too angry with your lack of understanding of how shit works.


Also goats milk tastes nasty. It has a very strong taste compared to cows milk. Most people would not like it. It's shame too as it's supposed to be far healthier than cow's milk.


My daughter has been diagnosed with asthma since the young age of 9 months old (she is now 7)I couldn't bear the thought of putting her on steroid puffers so to make a long story short I tried alternative methods...I noticed a difference between cow milk and goat milk, cow milk made her asthma WORSE and goat milk NO EFFECT ON HER ASTHMA. Different strokes for different folks little MS. KNOW IT ALL.......Just because goat milk doesn't work or agree with you doesn't mean it can't be an option for soemone else. cow milk does cause alot of mucus secretion and when you have asthma it makes your asthma a hundred times worse.


I would say from EXPERIENCE with my own daughter that goats milk is better for asthmatics than cows milk, because cows milk cause more mucus in the airways and then cause more stress on the bronchioles the less stress the bronchioles have the less chance for an asthma attack


Even better, drink organic RAW goats milk.


1/4 of Olympic athletes have asthma. I've been an elite athlete for 6 years. Exercise helps my asthma. It's crap to hear people say thing like 'avoid strenuous exercise'


Best milk is Hemp milk that contains Omega 3 and is plant derived.

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