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For severely dry, frizzy hair blend 1 egg yolk, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil (king coconut oil is the best if you can find) with 1 teaspoon of lemon/lime juice. Apply this on the hair and keep for 10 minutes before washing it off completely using cold water. After that shampoo and condition using cold water. Let your hair air dry after patting with a soft towel. Do this once in every two weeks. If your hair is severely dry and damaged while doing the above treatment, apply olive oil lavishly on your scalp and hair and keep for at least 3 hours once in every week and wash off with shampoo using cold water. Do this for 3 months you will be surprised at how beautiful, shiny and healthy your hair looks.

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I tried this mixture on for 2 days and third day followed with applying olive oil and kept for 4 hair has become so healthy and shiny! Its not at all dry or frizzy now! THANK YOU!


you must wash off all the egg mix off with cold water if you use hot water you might cook the egg


omg im thirteen and my hair completely friziz out when i get out of the shower but iv been trying this for a couple of weeks and my hair is totally diffrent now i love it thanks who ever evr u r


where can I find cocconut oil?


since i am allergic to coconut, are there any substitutes?


I tried this remedy and it worked.
I have thick dry hair, but now eveyone is asking what I did to my hair so I forward the remedy to them. It work in just 2 days. Great!


I love this tip but when I do it I add half a tablespoon of honey in and apply. It works so well!


how do you get your hair to grow really quick

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