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i have had the worse toothache ever....i mean unbearable and of course on a weekend where there is no dentist i rinsed my mouth with warm salt water(a couple of times) then after that i took a q-tip and dipped it in wild turkey whiskey and took the q-tip and pressed down on my broken absessed tooth with it....i let the whiskey from the q-tip leak onto my tooth...then i took a piece of bread and placed it over my tooth so there were no air getting to helped....i fell asleep a little after....this helped me and i hope it helps you because i know what its like

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i am just a 12 year old with a majar bad toochache plaese help!!!


my wisdoms are growing in sideways this is wat i did i crushed pop sickle while it was in the wrapper and i placed it in my mouth then on my jaw and the swollen pain went away

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