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You know that horrible tingly feeling in the corner of your mouth when a sore is starting; And you know that by morning you won't be able to open your mouth without feeling like the corner of your mouth is splitting open??? I have found an unconventional method to stop the sore in its tracks. No matter how odd and disgusting this may sound you need to try it! Go buy an ANTI-FUNGAL cream meant for Athlete's Foot. (The brand I have found to be the most effective is Derman, which has yellow and brown packaging)
Despite the fact that sores of the mouth are rarely due to a fungus, the medicine works wonders. The first day you feel that tingle, apply the cream numerous times and leave it on. Overnight, glob it on really thick. Do this for a few days and you should be able to knock out the sore before it actually gets hold. Another thing is take a cocktail of L-LYSINE and CALCIUM once or twice a day. I personally take 4 Lysine and 3 Calcium the first evening and it boosts my immune system enough to fight back.

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To prevent Canker Sores try using full strength Listerine once a day. I swear this works. Even when I am getting one, using this right away and continued use will stop it from becoming full blown. Thank you for the crushing aspirin remedy that worked for my 7 year old son!!


L-Lysine is for cold sores, not canker sores.


Anti-fungals like clotrimazole are meant solely for topical use, aren't they? I think this remedy is for cold sores, not canker sores. But Lysine does help with canker sores, and calcium is good for everything, basically.


The sores you're talking about are cold sores. Canker sores do not develop on the outside of the mouth.


Actually, the sores OP is talking about are not fever blisters (which are viral). Anti-fungal cream IS effective against sores on the corners of the mouth which are yeast-like in origin.


*not fever blisters nor canker sores. It's called cheilitis and Can have several causes.

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