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crushed & hopeless...

I can't believe no one has mentioned this yet- (TUCK PADS!) I'm 24 years old..and I just got back from the dr a few hours ago. I've been w/ my husband since I was 15. Married for 5 years and seperated for 2. During our 2 year seperation I had 1 partner and he's had 2. Neither one of us were tested and NOW 7 months later I'm having serious symptoms but we're not sure where/whom it came from. Needless to say I've been devasted. My soul feels crushed & hopeless. I've cried to the point of vommitting, I quit my job and drove all the way to california to be tested. (Small communities in utah are NOT very nice) now I'm waiting for the results in the 'hole' I've crawled into. -I don't feel I can cope w/ this everyday of my life. I know my husband loves me and he says we're in it together, but I'm scared that this is only goin to add onto the weight of our relationship obstacles. . . . . .I'm on here looking for help emotionally, and it feels good to know you're not the only one. I do have this advice so far...a midwife/dr. Told me to try TUCK PADS for the pain & blisters 'sticking' to my panties. GUESS WHAT? THEY'RE WORKING! You can find them at walgreens in the first aide section near the hemroid cream...they have witchhazel on them which DOESN'T BURN! And they're an astrigent so even though they're moist and cool, they're still drying out the blisters and they're sanitary. PLUS I just started the virusmeds & lysine. Only time will tell what's happens now- but for the immediate pain relief I strongly recommend tuck pads & ib 800... btw, the pads are for hemroids & women after childbirth.

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helpless :(

Ok- an update from my last post. I've taken the anti-viral med twice a day for the ten days prescribed + 3000 mg of lysine daily + a topical dynamiclear I got off a website. Not too mention, keeping very clean & wearing loose clothing. The sores are healed BUT I have a horrible itchy/tingly/stinging sensation on the entire side where my ob was & my gland in my groin is the size of a pingpong ball- still! I can't stand it! I can't even wear normal clothing! I've resorted to mens basketball shorts! WHY am I still having this sensation when my ob is gone? Since I had my 1st signs of an ob it's been 17 days! Is this normal :( is this how I can expect to live from here on out :( .....someone help!


I know how you feel I don't take medicine or anything for my out breaks really and I have had herpes for 8 months. My first OB was extremely bad lasted 2 weeks and I had OB also ever since but usually didn't notice it in less I actually looked. Basically what I am saying is I don't know if it's normal but it happens to me also. Hope this helps.


O and the itching/tingling sensation is another out break trying to come on... So don't touch it and I know this sounds crazy but I have gotten a cotton ball before with rubbing alcohol on it and rubbed that on me stings for a minute but helps in drying the herpes out. When it is stinging just fan cool air toward you helps. Best thing for pain and your at home get a bag of ice and hold it on you it will totally num your downstairs and you won't be able to feel pain. BTW I promise you life still worth living I am just 19 and all though at times wanna give up. I don't because of my family around me.


I know you must be really upset and scared it will come back but you have to remember that some ob are mental and emotionally drawn. I know its hard but try to relax, think and feel how you did when you didn't have them.

Take lots of vitamin C and try taking a supplement called super lysine. It has licorice root, garlic, vitamin C, goldseal, echinesea and lysine in it.

Try putting lemon balm oil on it to sooth it. Herbal teas are helpful too. Like licorice root tea, sage tea and lemon balm tea. Your diet is really important too. I cant stress it enough. Stay away from foods with arginine in them. Very very very small amounts or not at all of sugar, caffine, sodas or nuts.
Eat ALOT of cabbage, broccoli, sprouts and garlic. Raw if you can. These vegetables have been tested and really help with ob healing and prevention.
I hope in time you get better and start feeling like yourself again. I know how you feel. It made me sick to my stomach at first too but there is hope. Your not alone and you can get through this. You have to control it and not let it control you! Be strong.


Thank you for all your advice to everyone who posted :]

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