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Id rather have triplets all at the same time than have a toothache. Toothaches r the worst pain youll experince ever. I have been having this toothache for a couple days now and nothing i did was working, i was in so much pain i was sobbing like a baby & had turned into the biggest bitch you could ever meet, finally unable to take the pain & lack of sleep any longer i found this site & after mixing & adding a few remedies together i am pain free & ready for bed finally, hers what i did...
1) took 3 aleve
2) rinsed mouth with salt water
3) mixed salt water & tea bag & heated n microwave & took tea bag while still fairly hot & put it on tooth that hurt
4) next i crushed up 1 aleve, 1 naproxen, 1/2 antibiotic, 1 benadryl cold & sinus table & made a paste using oragel for mouth sores & my tea with salt n it and applied that to the tooth, after a few minutes of this i was almost pain free...the last thing i did was get some childrens liquid tylenol & rub on tooth...
I'm proud to say I'm pian free & going to bed now...hope this works for others out there suffering with tooth pain,..goodnight all & thank u for all the wonderfull remedies posted...

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no thanks i will suffer

sounds like you are gonna overdose on OTCmeds...


Why would you put a cold and sinus tablet in that concoption, when that is not for aiding a toothache. sound like you just found any pills in your house and used it for the pain...


LMAO Glad it work!!!


Yeah I'm looking for things to try for my 8yr old not kill him....




I like the idea. Sounds like something I Wld try.


Did you wake up in the morgue with a toe tag


Too many pain killers at a time please don't do it again

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