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hey if you have an acne problem i have a solution.
iv'e had acne since i was 13 years old but now my face is clean,smooth,pimple and black head free sine i started using this:
apple sider vinegar
any type of all natural oatmeal and honey scrub(you can get it at FAMILY DOLLAR)
all you have to do is every night wash your face with the oatmeal scrud,rinse then pat dry after that apply the vinegar onto a cotton ball pat your face all over your trouble spots DO NOT RINSE use it over night the next morning wash ur face one again with the oatmeal scrub you will start to see the results after a few days use the scrub as often as desierd hope this helps

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Thanks ! :) It ACTUALLY works for me !!! God bless you !! :) Haha


eeek!! i try nd try but nothing ever works! but i use apple cider nd it helpss a little i will buy the oatmeal scrub to see if it helpps! (:

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