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Had angular cheilitis for months, tried all sorts of creams: antibiotic, antifungal,and cortisone. I mixed them together and applied often. Nada. Refused to pay $67 for some home remedy. FINALLY tried applying rubbing alcohol with a Qtip, being careful not to use the same side on both sides of my mouth several times a day. I followed up with a generic anti-fungal containing clortrimezol. It was labeled 'for jock-itch' : ) Anyway, in four days the alcohol no longer stung and after 6 days, my skin was clear and smooth.

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Thats great news. :)
what strength Clotrimazole cream was it 1% or 2%.


Have you tried the same cream at 1%?
How is it going? Mine is just flared up and will try this remedy

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