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For immediately whiter teeth I just use a cotton swab to apply straight hydrogen peroxide to my teeth. Being careful not to get too much on the gumline. This method can be a bit uncomfortable if you get it on your gums. Your gums will turn white and sting a bit. The whiteness on your gums will go away in about 10 minutes afterward. I wouldn't recommend to do this the day of a big event or date. The day before would be better. But you will definitley see a huge difference after the first application.

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i just started it and i already see a whitening. its only a little bit but i can tell the difference. i left is sit for about 2 minutes then rinsed really good with crest mouth wash

sabel <3

this was a great tip thanks :)

Nancy in Texas

i dab the peroxide with a q tip and leave for 30 seconds before spitting out and then brushing. i don't swallow my toothpaste either - who does? i have had no stinging, no gum sensitivity and it is a nice, cheap way to maintain brighter teeth. i am currently trying it on my almost 93 year old mom who has old age, badly stained, and sorry - scary - it going to take longer with her, but we can see the progress already! don't do dumb stuff with peroxide like swallowing it, or using more or longer if you have's a great home remedy - of course, for those for whom it works without problems.


ok thanks! i shall be trying this. :)

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