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For immediately whiter teeth I just use a cotton swab to apply straight hydrogen peroxide to my teeth. Being careful not to get too much on the gumline. This method can be a bit uncomfortable if you get it on your gums. Your gums will turn white and sting a bit. The whiteness on your gums will go away in about 10 minutes afterward. I wouldn't recommend to do this the day of a big event or date. The day before would be better. But you will definitley see a huge difference after the first application.

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I started doing this in 8th grade to get ready for high schoo i stopped after that summer and I have to say that my teeth have never been so white for just using peroxide for two months... ur teeth will stay white for a very long time and you will get compliments very often!


Well im scared to but it on cuz on the bottle it has the skeleton with the X on it so i dont know. Whats the most dangerous thing that can happen im only like 13 so its scary./


how long do u leave it on there ????? im 14 and im scared to :(

old man

Would rubbing alcohol work? And at 12 and 13 teeth whiteness shouldn't be a concern, goodness!


Give the kid a break yellow teeth are a concern to anyone poor thing!! As long as you still smile.its alright no matter what they look like. Great tip thanks.


do you rinse your mouth afterwards??

your worst nightmare

what the heck ?! you're that young! brush your teeth more often! that's what I do! I've always had perfect teeth and a perfect smile! just brush after you eat dumb asses


When you do this, rinse your mouth thoroughly. If you do that, you will have no problems.

Serenity Fitzpatrick DDS

Wow! Could you people be anymore rude? Grow up and leave the kids alone. If you are older, you would give wise advise and not crude comments.
Dental hygiene is genetic. If someone has bad teeth, it has to do with the family line. A lot of people have certain minerals in their body that cause their teeth to become a green tint color. Yellowing comes from cigarettes, coffee, tea, soda, food, etc. Brushing twice a day and using mouth wash works wonders. When my patients want to whiten their teeth, I don't suggest whitening strips, lasers, or anything, I tell them actually when this person does. Apply H2O2 to their teeth using a cotton swab, let sit no more then 10 minutes then rinse. It's cheaper, safe, and effective!

Anonomys :)

Do you just keep it on their or will you have to rinse it out.? Because i really think im about to try this method because my teeth are half white and halk yellow because my dad side of the family has yelloe teeth and my mom has white teeth.

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