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I have had genital herpes since I was 25. I am now 65. I have prevented outbreaks by eating lots of protein, kind of like the Atkins diet, so you lose weight too. I also take The amino acid, Lysine, regularly 1,000 mg a day and more when I feel a tingle. I have found that B vitamins in any form can trigger an attack. When I get a sore, I douche with water and apple cider vinegar, the natural kind. And that soothes it quite a bit and heals it. I am looking now for a lysine cream to apply directly to the sores. I think that should help.

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You should pierce a hole in the lysine capsule and squeeze directly on the sores.


Does the douche help heal outbreaks inside the vagina
Do you have out breaks inside your vagina?
I do and they last a very long time.
Can you tell me your experience with the douching & how long the outbreaks last when douching ?

I'm just a little afraid to douche doing an outbreak because it seems like it would spread in my vagina opposed to being in one or two localized regions.

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