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Take a liquid vitamin e pill and apply the liquid to the scar. It should start clearing up within 1 to 2 weeks.

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or use a scar lightening cream for an easier method. a good brand is Metaderm. it's really for acne scars, pimple scars, and other types of scars. here's where you can find more information about it:


I have used invicible. I burned my hand when I was baking some cookies for I have used invicible. My daughter. I touched the side of the oven, talk about pain! And after it healed it was dark and just didn’t look good. Then a friend told me that she found something that made scar from an accident look better. She swore by scar zone until reading a bunch of studies that it’s esentially like putting on petroleum jelly. scar zone is not very expensive, but a lot more than pet-jelly. I started looking for something else, and found that silicone is really important. So I tried strips and some silicone creams. I found that I prefer invisible scars.


I used invicible on my scars and it worked effectively on them . My scars got flattened within 3 weeks. Try it. Hope it helps


I want to try invicible. Is it worth trying? I mean my skin is really sensitive and i'm scared that any cream that i would use may certainly do some harm to my skin in one way or another


i got a scar in face above my eyebrow in an accident how to cure the scar??what is the best oinment or treatment for scar..


pls I'm dark in complexion and I'm having dark scars on my leg from chicken pox mosquito bites and wounds. pls can anything or any home remedy which doesn't cost much help fade them as soon as possible.I'm a Ghanaian.I need help pLzzz.

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