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amya ricks

Now this might sound horrible, but when you feel a cold sore forming put ear wax on it and it will never grow. My whole family does this and it works great.

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Um i read all of the comments on this page and i was woundering does this Earwax Method actually work? i mean all of the comments have been about people feeling it tingle and then doing this method i dono if i should try it because it was tingling yesterday and i put an ice cube on it and today its shown up badly should i still try this method?


i was reading all the comment and i was thinking maybe this will work, so i dug a Q-tip in my ear and pulled some out and put it on my lip. not to long after it was gone!


The earwax method totally works! I have used this method many, many times. I know it sounds gross, but it works.
I usually use a bobby pin and CAREFULLY 'scrape' it along the bottom part of my ear canal. This gets out more earwax than a Q-tip. Of course I am not recommending this to everyone, I am just telling you what I do.
Anyway, it works every time!
p.s. try not to lick your lips! earwax DOES NOT taste good! :-)


I have used this method for over 30 years. My Grandmother told me about this when I was a little girl. You do have to apply the earwax during the tingling stage. I don't know how it works, but it does.


OMG! I never thought I would see this anywhere! Yes, my Mother always told me to put ear wax on cold sores. and Yes, it has worked for me! Why not put your natural body fluids on really does work..just dont lick it!


thank god i found the site. I did it and it works no lie. My cold sore was gone in 3 day!!


honestly. i think someone is trying to pull my leg. come on people, thi is serious. youre gonna have so many people putting ear wax on a sore because you thought it was funny

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