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Hi.. well i am 11 and just went through a growth spurt i weigh 100 pounds and am 5feet 2 and a half feet tall.i noticed that i started to get curvyer, my thighs got wider and my breast got a little bigger. as a result i got little purple squwigly lines all over my thighs, breasts, and hips which eventually turned into stretch marks i tried so many creams and oils even bio-oil didnt work! so my mom got me palmers stretch mark and skin tone evener cream finally somthing worked but not as well as i would of liked it to so i went to thinking i cam make up somthing and i did.....!

you will need
freshly cut lemon
palmers stretch mark and skin tone evener cream
suave vitamin e body lotion
st ives skinn elaticity body lotion
and baby oil gel with aloe vera and vitamin e

first you take ur lemon and rub it all over the area of you with stretch marks and let it dry leave the pulp on it helps.
then ur going to mix palmers cocoa butter stretch mark and skin tone evener cream with baby oil gel vitamin e body lotion and skin elaticity lotion together and rub over the the area
rub lemon on again after ur done with the lotion and leave it on

hope it helps!!!

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Has anyone tryd this? Does it work? Im desperate to try this!


YOUR ELEVEN! IT'S CALLED PUBERTY! you grow.. and what is 5feet2 and a half feet? Honey, you're little, enjoy your life. =]


Just because she's eleven it doesn't mean she's safe from natural things like STRETCH marks. No matter how much confidence you have stretch marks ARE embarrassing.

So thank her for trying to help others.


Baby oil is a carcinogen, meaning it gives you cancer. It is made out of mineral oil, which is what's leftover when they make gasoline. Look it up people and don't slather you or your babies with cancer. Never ever. ;]

And it actually dries your skin out anyway.


Ha ha stupid how will baby oil cause cancer Johnson n Johnson wouldn't use it idot everything that s in da web isn't all true go to a real doctor and ask


Actually she's right baby oil is made of crude oil, leftover from gasoline and they call it mineral oil.

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