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The uterus contracts to return to its -original fist full size.That's why u get those after pains,that seem worse with each pregnancy.I would wear a ' slim-ing shirt' - the undershirts u buy to make u look thinner and I would massage roughly my stomach pressing on my uterUs in a downward motion. The shirt helps support ur new body and ur new hurts to massage just bare because of the lOose stretchmarks. Be sure to press in a downward motion in all directions and start as soon as u give birth. U will feel the blood come down, don't be alarmed --keep in mind too much blooD too fast is dangerous. Breastfeeding is a must for me... And the first 2 days when ur baby suckles at ur breast ur uterus will contract the strongest, which is good and painful!!! tylenol with codine is more effetive than the regular prescription for these momments ... Congrats and wish the best

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